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Who watches movies? Or, maybe a better question to ask would be, do you watch movies? What kind of movies? Why?

This is not a simple question, centrally because I don’t know who you are. The number of possibilities as to who you could be is mind-boggling. Maybe you’re a college student, like me. Maybe the role that movies plays in your life is as a relief from the obligations of school and whatever else goes on in your life while you get your education. Maybe that role is big, or small, or nonexistent. Or maybe you’re a bit older than me: your twenties, maybe. Maybe you have a job and watching movies is one of the things you do when you’re not doing that. Maybe watching movies *is* your job, or having a hand in making them is, and maybe they play a big part in your life. Or maybe you’re even older than me: thirties, or getting into middle age. Maybe *you* have a job. Maybe not. Maybe your time, whether committed to a job or not, is not so much about you anymore: maybe you’ve got a family. Kids to look after, or relations. Do you watch movies with those people?

Or you might even be much younger than me: a teenager, or even a child. Do you go to school? Do your friends like movies? Do you watch movies a lot or not very much, and when you do, what are they about?

Whoever you are, there are good reasons to watch movies. They’re relaxing: it doesn’t take a lot of effort to enjoy a movie. You can enjoy movies on a budget, or off of one: most residential areas of the world have a movie theater; if you can read this on a computer, you can probably seek out a movie. On the flip side, maybe you’ve got some money to burn. In that case, a personal entertainment center can be a lot of fun, and can be attractive to guests. Or maybe you’re not looking for fun at all, in which case, consider a movie to be a learning experience. Movies, when carefully selected, serve well as a glimpse into the culture and time that produced them. What elements about a film and its story — the technology, artistry, history, or financial elements — went into its production?

Whoever I have managed to reach with this post, if any part of it has resonated with you, it’s a sign that you won’t be sorry if you do as I suggest: watch a movie.


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