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I am far from what you might call a "horror fanatic." I would know, I had a friend in middle school who, by all means, was. He would always have a new favorite whenever I would visit his house to sleep over (which was not too frequently, as you might imagine -- my young brain could only handle so much). I don't know how much of an effect that time in my life has had, but regardless, the fact, as it stands today, is that I do enjoy horror movies...in moderation.

This brings me to the movie I watched the other day: The Taking of Deborah Logan. It's a relatively new movie, having come out earlier this year, and as movies go it's far from a "blockbuster": it's a straight-to-Netflix release. Don't be fooled though, this is a good horror movie in many ways. It's both creepy and thrilling at various points, both to impressive effect, and the story at its core is well-written and engaging. It's cinematic style is of the "found-footage" variety (think The Blair Witch Project); this is executed seamlessly and in such a way that it adds a lot to the rest of the film. For instance, at one point, we view a man attempting to smother a woman with her pillow in a hospital bed, through a wall-mounted camera that ostensibly belongs to the hospital, only to be interrupted by a television launched at his head from its mount on the wall by "forces unseen." Were it not for the particular angle and digital limitations (visible through the film) of the specific camera this scene were shot on, it simply would not have been as satisfyingly creepy a scene.

I definitely hold this movie in high personal esteem. It's plenty creepy, and the fact that it's available to stream on Netflix adds a huge convenience factor. So the next time you're in the mood for a thrill but can't be bothered to go out, consider The Taking of Deborah Logan.
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