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Aug. 29th, 2014 05:43 pm
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Jack. Not John. John Kent Reece is what it says on my birth certificate. But all of my friends call me Jack. I think you ought to call me Jack as well. It's a name like those of any number of other "John/Jacks" through history, I like to think. Kennedy, for instance. Or Donaghy, if you prefer. I'm from Chicago, born and raised. For almost my entire life I was a student at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools -- started in pre-k, and kept on through lower and middle school, and ultimately all the way through high school. Now I'm a freshman at Purdue University, which is in West Lafayette, Indiana -- hardly a three-hour car trip from my back door on the Windy City's north side. But for a guy who, since he was four, went to the same school, in the same neighborhood, in large part with the same people, it's...kind of a change of scene.

I must confess: I've felt somewhat homesick. I miss playing the piano in my house's living room; I've had to get used to the electronic keyboard that now resides in my dorm room. I miss coming home every night after a forty-five-minute commute from school to my mother's freshly cooked dinners; now I get twenty "meal swipes" per week, plus an extra five for meals "On-the-Go!".

But I've felt more independent too. Nobody's telling me not to skip class -- and nobody's telling me not to arrive ten minutes early to every single one either. Nobody's telling me I can't head out and be social, and make tons of new friends -- and nobody's telling me I can't blow them off and curl up with a movie and a hot cup of tea instead. What I'm trying to say is, I suppose fourteen years at the same school can make a person feel a little bit trapped. But now I'm off at college -- I'm on my own. I feel total freedom...if only a tiny bit of longing for home.


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