Sep. 5th, 2014 09:25 pm
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I would be a good fit for any of the four magazine topics that the composition class has agreed upon. I believe that a message of fitness and bodily health is an important one to send to college students, as college is a time where one's personal choices as to their health and fitness will either set them on a path to a healthy lifestyle or steer them away from one for good. I would also be pleased to write about Greek life, as I recognize the importance of having fun and blossoming socially during one's time in college, when the opportunity so readily presents itself. I also love movies -- not just watching them but thinking extensively about them afterwards. Superhero movies are some of my favorites, and titles like "The Matrix" and "Fight Club" I could watch and re-watch forever. Music festivals would be a cool topic to write about too, as I have enjoyed music for much of my life, and have played drums, classical piano or jazz piano at various points along the way.

I would be a strong asset to any editorial team. I enjoy the challenge of researching topics and serializing the information into written compositions -- whether they be essays, book reports, or, for our purposes, magazine articles. I am also able and willing to serve as a copy editor, reviewing magazine content as created by others for final approval.


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